Why men love text messaging when dating women

Men love text messaging.  Text message is a major tool in any man’s dating arsenal.  If he is actively dating, for example using online dating sites, you better believe that he employs text as a weapon.  Here are a few reasons why men love texting so much.

For one thing, text messaging is super sneaky.  Men love sneaky, under the table things.  They like to go stealth.  Texting for men, is stealth communications.  They can send you messages without even talking to you on the phone.  A major text game that men play is to see if they can set up a date to see you without ever having to talk to you on the phone.

Texting makes it easier for men to lie and play games.  You can’t hear the tone of their voice, pauses or have real conversation.  That makes it easier for them to lie about where they are, what they are up to, and being busy of course.  Being busy is a man’s most common excuse for not wanting to talk to you.  A fraction of the time they are too busy, the rest of the time they are lying about being too busy. 

If a man is really into you he makes time.  Time suddenly appears.  The higher his interest level in you, the more time that magaically drops out of the sky.  The way to gauge a mans interest is to reduce your text contact to him, and see if he picks up slack.  If you’re doing all the texting, you’re inviting him to be lazy because you’re doing all the work.  Drop the texting and see how long it takes for him to come around without your prodding.

Men who are dating online are talking to numerous women all at once.  Communicating with several women by text message is convenient as he can text no matter where he is.  If he is in a loud restaurant with another woman, he can still text you and say he’s at home.  How would you know.  Since men are the ones who are doing the pursuing they are the ones collecting the phone numbers.  An alpha male with attractive photographs on an online dating sites might have a dozen girls he is talking to at any given time.  Texting enables him to conveniently keep in touch with up to a dozen different women.   If he can type well, maybe more!

If your man is texting you to hook up or hang out on the day he wants to see you, he is looking for a convenient date.  So called booty texting lets him poll several women to see what his options are for the night or the weekend.  A quick booty text saves time and reduces his risk of rejection.  You either respond or you don’t and he moves on to the next.

Men like naughty things.  That’s why they like text message.  In fact, that’s why they might like online dating.  It’s like being in candy land.  Men love, and I mean love, having naughty text messages, flirtations, and sexy pictures of you on their phone.  While you shouldn’t send improper pictures, an occasional sexy picture of you on his phone may be a good thing and work in your favor. 

Men love photos, but ladies be sure to make them G-rated

Remember with texting photos that it is in sight, in mind.  When determining whats appropriate to send, imagine a random looking at his phone.  He sets his phone down in a restaurant or at home and a friend or stranger surfs through his photo file.  Would you be mortified if anyone say a particular picture of you on his phone?  If so, that picture was too naughty.  You want that person to think wow who is that girl, not eww gross nasty!  Don’t send photos that would mortify you if someone else inadvertently came across them.  When sending photos, think sexy, flirtatious but G-rated.

Train him to know that texting isen’t a replacement for talking

Texting is great for flirting.  You just saw the reasons men love it.  It’s fun, sneaky, a way to converse with several women, convenient, minimizes rejection, great for last minute hookups, and a way for men to sext messages and store naughty photos on their phone.  It also makes it easy for men to lie and keep secrets.

Given that you know the reasons why men are into texting, you should be concerned if a man only texts you but never calls you.  Texting is not a replacement for all forms of communication.  Try to be consistent about training him to call you and it’s best if you can establish this pattern early on in the relationship so he hasn’t already learned to pee on your bed so to speak.

Texting is fine but let him know that a phone call is appreciated.  If you tell him this but he still insists on only texting you then make yourself less available.  Be nice when he calls as a reward and when he texts start to not text back.  If he hasn’t called you in a long time, don’t return his texts.  Or even say, Call me and then don’t return his texts.

Remember, men love texting because it is naughty and flirtatious.  But texting does not completely replace all forms of communication.  If you have a gut instinct that you are being relegated to booty texting absolutely trust what your gut is telling you.  Trust your gut.  Texting should be used to enhance your relationship not as the only way you communicate in a sub-par relationship. 

Men respond well to boundaries

Try to have guidelines and boundaries as to how you wish to be communicated with.  It’s frustrating because you’ll be tempted to get into crazy texting but remember this.  You deserve a phone call.  If you let texting get out of hand in the beginning of a relationship it will soon become the venue for all things in the relationship.  You’ll be planning dates on text, flirting on text, arguing on text and most of all breaking up on text.  Train him that if you are to be in his life and remain in his life he has to put in some phone calls.  Men value what they work for so make him do a little bit of work and use his dialing finger. 

If a man leaves and goes away like poof because you insist on a phone call, he wasn’t ever that interested in you in the first place.  A man who is interested in you wants to hear your voice too.

Why men love text messaging


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