Why texting too much is a total turn off

Men and women who text their love interest too much and too often can without realize it be completely turning their partners off. Since women are supposed to be the emotional creatures it is more acceptable for her to text too much, though undoubtedly it will turn her lover off. When men text too much it is really bad for their status.

Men who text too much

Men who text too much are giving too many positive strokes to their girlfriend or potential girlfriend. If you want to get a woman to crave you then you have to exhibit confidence, self-control, and be a challenge to the woman. Unfortunately texting her all day long obliterates those important key elements of chemistry and attraction building.

Show confidence by texting less and having a life

In terms of text messaging, you want to convery to her a total sense of confidence. Texting her nonstop about the mundane will only make you look drively and needy in her eyes. She may even start to ignore some text messages you send and not respond promptly when you do send them. To exhibit maximum confidence on text message you should text her as little as humanly possible. Then when you do, you’ll have absolute confidence that she will jump all over your text message and savor it.

Being too busy to be bogged down on text is a great confidence boost and even if you are not so busy you can fake it until you make it. Every time you want to text her try to apply the two day rule and go two days without texting her. Run tests to see if she will break down first over the challenge and text you. Once she starts texting you out of the blow, you know that she is interested. She isen’t just responding, she is initating.

Show self control by not getting into a text message flinging insults mud fight

Never let your girlfriend drag you down into the text mud. If she starts to take up a fight or argument on text message then promptly shut her down with a Not now, Iam Busy, or just plain ignore her. In essense, train her that you aren’t going to get sucked into her psyco texting. You’d be amazed because showing self control and being able to abort out of a text message exchange will cause her to text you more and want you more! Watch out because she might go so crazy over her that you’ll have to dump her or block her number.

Self control is a total turn on for women. They’ll bitch and they’ll complain if you won’t cowtow to their hystrionics. In fact, the very fact that you don’t bend will make her be upset and frustrated combined with (that’s right) turned on. Women like to complain about a man that is in control yet deep down they like this. They like the sense that you stick your ground and that your feet are firmly on the ground. All of a sudden she’s more likely to be the chicken with it’s head cut off than you are.

If your girlfriend tries to take you down into a vitriolic text message rand and exchange on text message don’t even go there. Show self control that you refuse to engage in it and ignore her. Then when it is an appropriate time to deal with any issues between you two (when she is calm) address it at that point. Trust me that she wants you to have self control and even be able to regulate her getting super emotional. In a weird way you refusing to engage will get her upset but then ultimately calm her down.

Another benefit is that if you keep long winded text message exchanges off of her phone then she won’t have anything to hold against you. No name calling and insults that she can re-read later and hold against you. How can she be mad if you didn’t want to do stupid texting argument? Thats right, she can’t really get legitimately mad. It wasn’t the right venue to discuss it and she was too upset if she is ranting or picking a text fight to engage with her anyways

Be a challenge

Women like to obsess to a certain extent. She wants to feel like you are a raw hide bone she needs to sink her teeth into and chew and chew. If she gets what she wants right away then it won’t last as long or be as fun. Females like to perseverate somewhat and think and re-thing about how to get you where she wants you. She wants you to be a challenge to her. Granted she’ll give up if you act too mean to her or do aggregiously mean actions that she can’t forgive and save face over. But as long as you are treating her well, she wants to be challenged.

If you constantly badger a woman on text messaging you are in essense taking away her desire and ability to get to chase you. Why would you do that to her? It’s not a game to only text her rarely, it’s actually something she will enjoy. She won’t be able to expect to hear from you like absolute clockwork. Her mind will have to spend time thinking and wondering where things are going and what you have been up to. So before you haul off and send her dozens of strokes on text message, stop and think. Do you want to be at her beck and call or do you want to give her the gift of being able to chase you and be a challenge to her? Challenge is best.

Systems that talk about how to play women to seduce them are just ruthless so I am not talking about tricks to seduce her. It’s more about keeping your man hood going in her eyes. Women are turned on and naturally attracted to men that have their own lives, are self confident, have self control, and behave solidly even when she gets upset. You will have alot more guarenteed success that she will both like you and be attacted like she should be, if you text her less and let her chase you a little bit too.

The next time you wonder why it is always you that initiates contact with her, stop those thumbs. Try the 48 no texting trick and don’t text her. If you hold out long enough she might text you and thats what you want. You don’t want to be the only one doing all the heavy lifting (in this case texting) in the relationship. Let her do her share, she won’t mind and will appreciate when you do text her out of the blue much more.


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