Why won’t my boyfriend text me back?

Have you ever had a boyfriend that was really bad about texting you back? Sometimes he does not text you back because he is trying to manage down your relationship. He doesn’t want to feel obligated to return every text. Other times, it can be because he isen’t all that great of a communicator. The fact is that if a man valued his relationship with you he would more often than not return a text you sent him.

Reasons my boyfriend won’t text me back

Here are a few reasons that that your boyfriend may not be texting you back. He could just be too busy to talk to you. He could be upset with you and holding a grudge.  Perhaps he just doesn’t want to talk to you all that much. He may not consider it that important to please you.

A boyfriend who is not texting back or frequently shuts off or silences his phone might be up to no good when you aren’t around him. If he hears from you all the time he is also likely to sink into a pattern of not texting. He knows perfectly well that he can text you back much, much later and you’ll still be there like a wide eyed.

Maybe his interest level in you is not high enough and he is focusing his attention elsewhere thereby appearing unresponsive. Lastly, he just may be a different type of communicator than you are. Some men like to text just for idle pratter where as some only text to work out logistics of a date.

How do i let my boyfriend know that I want him to be more repsonsive

I would not expect a boyfriend to change what he is doing all that much. If he is a slow or lazy communicator he is likely to remain a slow and lazy communicator.  You just need to decide if that works for you.  The attitude you should have is that it is what it is. Try to adapt your text message pace to match his. That way it won’t get lopsided where you are texting him too much.

If he doesn’t text you that much he has shown who he is and how he is about texting you. If you really feel like your needs aren’t being met you can flat out tell him. But you probably can’t change him by much. You could let him know that it is going to take more frequent contact and responsiveness in order for you to feel your best in the relationship.

If he likes you enough to step up the pace of his contact then certainly he will be willing to do so. Buts its more likely that he will think things are being forced and unnatural and that continueing to see you is going to be more trouble that it is worth. For this reason, you may want to get to know him and try to accept his text communications rather than change him. If he feels like he is being forced to communicate against his will he will resent it.


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