Why you should never call him a commitment phobe

Never ever call the man you are dating a commitment phobe!  This is a big mistake that women fall into.  By calling him a commitment phobic you are literally giving this person an excuse for not committing to you!  Men do not have commitment phobic problem whatsoever, if you are the right person for them.  Men do not have commitment problems!  They just won’t commit to those they don’t want to commit to.

Don’t make excuses for your man

When you start to claim that your man has a commitment problem you are implying that he has some sort of obligation to commit to you, and he doesn’t.  In fact, men are more than likely going to fight commitment and they are only going to commit to a woman who they really feel is right for them.  Even then they sacrifice their freedom but they have no problem with that sacrifice if they are into a woman.

When you start to accept crumb relationships, text relationships, hooking up, casual relationships, on and off or hot and cold or let’s hang out but never see the light of day, you are deluding yourself.  They same man who is treating you like a friends with benefits would quickly commit to someone they really felt was right for them.  Essentially, a text crumb relationship that really never goes anywhere or develops into a girlfriend-boyfriend situation is a big statement that he doesn’t like you enough to commit to you.  Instead of deluding yourself and making excuses for him, just realize that he refuses to commit to you!  That way, you can make a rational decision as to whether to continue seeing him or not, instead of assigning a bunch of excuses to him and giving him a free pass to use you.

Men commit to women they have strong feelings for

Men have zero problems committing to women they have super strong feelings for.  When you claim your guy has commitment problems, is too busy to text you, never calls you, or ignores your texts because he’s commitment shy, you are lying to yourself.  The second you claim your guy has commitment problems you are in fantasy land.  He just doesn’t like you enough to commit to you, plain and simple. 

The best way to deal with your commitment phobe is to realize that he isn’t a commitment phobe at all.  He simply isn’t going to commit to you.  And the longer you hang around him with your head in the clouds that you can convince, cajole, sex him, or sweet talk him into a relationship, the more time you waste. 

This is why men date women for years stringing them along claiming they can’t cope with commitment, and two seconds later kersplat they have a girlfriend.  Women delude themselves into thinking if they just act perfect, spend more time, or prove themselves, that they will win him over – but that rarely if ever works.  Chasing after someone who won’t commit will not make them want to commit whatsoever and may even drive them away or at the least dig their heels in. 

The best thing to do about your commitment phobe is to realize that he isn’t committing to you.  Forget about it, move on, give up, and try to improve yourself so that you do meet someone who is willing to do more for you than … send a text.  Staying around with a guy that won’t commit to being your boyfriend is usually a total waste of your time and energy.



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