Will my ex girlfriend ever miss me and contact me again?

Will my ex girlfriend ever miss me and contact me again?

You might be one of those guys that texts your ex often for no reason at all. Maybe she just left you or blew you off and you never really knew why. Sometimes you might talk and get along but sometimes she will just ignore you. If you continue to bug her with texts she might get pretty mean. If you are wondering if she will ever miss you and contact you it is only natural. You might roll over ideas in your head how exactly to get her to miss you and want to talk to you. The common thing you might see yourself doing is the old daisy picking decision routine, should I text her, should I text her not, should I text her, should I text her not. What follows is a woman’s opinion on why she might have stopped talking to you. Depending on the reason, you can make a decision whether to continue to try and text her or to just give up.

Less common reason: You made her upset or hurt her feelings

It may be the case that you hurt her feelings or weren’t there for her. If you had an argument with her that would be a valid reason why she would stop talking to you for a while. Maybe you really hurt her feelings. Some girls will try to give you the silent treatment or blow you off when they feel like you aren’t there for them emotionally.

The thing is, girls like to talk. So if she really does like you and something merely upset her, the odds are that she will start talking to you eventually and let her grievances out. She might bottle it up for a while but most girls like to spill guts and since they are emotional they can only hold it in for so long. She might go silent and then vent on your really hard, or go silent until she calms down and talks to you about it.

The reason that this is a less common scenario is that silent treatment from girls usually only lasts for a short period of time. If she likes you, she will talk. That’s why I would say that if you broke up and haven’t talked for months it is unlikely that she is merely mad, hurt or upset with you. If she is mad, hurt or upset, she will start talking eventually if she really likes you and wants to work it out.

Just give her time in this case. You don’t have to text her incessantly just touch base and when she is ready she will start talking.

Less common reason: She felt like you are out of her league

If a girl feels like you won’t commit to her and that you have so many options with other women, she may just give up. This is the situation where she just can’t deal with your playing around so she opts out to save herself from getting hurt. This is a smart girl that does this because she doesn’t want to become your doormat.

This reason that this is a less common scenario is that most girls will go after what they want, even if they are going to subject themselves to being hurt. If she really, really likes you then she will try to deal with your bullshizzle to the extent that she can. The reason is visceral attraction and the fact that girls can’t deny it or hide it.

If you like a girl but she knows you date other girls, go out a lot, have a lot of opportunity, and you won’t be exclusive to her only, she might go silent on you. It won’t be because she hates you it will be because she feels you are too much of a player and out of her league. If you really like the girl you might have to step up your commitment and act like a boyfriend in order to stay with her and keep her close to you. A girl like this will always start talking to you again if she feels you are starting to and willing to come through for her.

Start to come through for her in this case. If you give her reason to believe you are prepared to follow through and act like she is a priority, she’ll start talking. Don’t text her constantly but when you do make sure to ask her to do something boyfriend/girlfriend like, such as dinner and a movie. She’ll be tentative yet usually cave in and start to see you again if you start to treat her right and make a genuine effort.

Less common reason: You are the puppy dog boyfriend/friend which is tenuous but can definitely work in your favor

Some girls like to date the bad boys and they may get caught up in a series of players and bad boys. Hot guys are definitely a sport attraction and girls can get hooked on trying to be with the most gorgeous ones. Girls who are really into physical appearance may go for boyfriends who are essentially out of their league. These are the guys that have other options and other just as pretty or even prettier girls interested in them.

You on the other hand might not be the mr god type. But you are decent in appearance and actually a nice guy. A girl that has been messed around will soon start to wake up and smell the coffee. These players are not going to lift a finger for her much less commit. That is where you come in. You are there for her and will do things like run errands and help her fix minor car problems that she is having etc.

The reason a girl like this may go hot and cold on you and blow you off on text message for periods of time is that she will get tempted back to the physical attraction of the bad boys. Never fear because a girl wants marriage material and long term potential just as bad as a bad boy. If this is you then hang in there as long as you can but give her plenty of space enough space to hang herself on.

If you have a girl that likes you but is sometimes mean and waffles, you can do certain things to up your image from puppy dog boyfriend she can pull around to alpha male. For one thing, start working out at the gym a lot. No matter what you look like you can get your body toned and if she has that superficial itch for bad boys you’ll put yourself more in the game by improving your body. Aim for a six pack. Try to give her that little heart thump that she got with the bad boys.

Another thing you can do is focus on becoming a better lover to her. There are ways to please her besides just having to do with a mans size. Focus on doing what it takes to satisfy her and you’ll also get more loyalty and love coming back your way.

If you are the puppy dog loyal boyfriend who sticks by your girl then don’t worry if she blows hot and cold and is tempted by the bad boys. Give her plenty of space and increase your own alpha male side by working out and pleasing her. Don’t worry about the loyalty part because you are the type of guys that girls marry. Having a guy around that acts like a real boyfriend who gives a damn about her counts a lot in her eyes so don’t underestimate the value of your loyalty.

The reason this is a less common reason she would stop talking to you is that she values loyalty. If you have her back in life she probably won’t be able to go very long without talking to you again. In this situation give this girl plenty of space while still being there for her. Work on your own physical appearance by hitting the gym and picking good outfits etc. If you are a slob start cleaning up your act. It’ll help sway her to start to believe you are the whole package not just a homely friend who does free favors.

More common reason: She got the instant ew after getting physical with you

A girl goes on attraction just as much as a guy does. She needs emotional attraction and physical attraction which when coupled together equals chemistry. You have to understand that girls are programmed by their mothers to always give guys a chance. So if you went out with her for a while then she was giving you that chance. The thing is that eventually she will know if she really feels it for you or not and whether she wants to continue to see you.

Sometimes a girl will get physical with you and at the time everything seems fine with the two of you. But privately she is going to go off and wonder whether she really feels a physical spark with you. It’s really weird but attraction connects to what she felt about your body, your skin, your looks, and your style. Heck even the way you smell and feel matters. She might have a certain look she likes and if you don’t fit the fantasy you are at a disadvantage. You can’t predict if a girl likes a sensitive guy or a super masculine guy. You can try to tune in to her more but to a certain extent its just the natural way you are matched up to the natural way that she is. If the two spark together well then its on. If it doesn’t spark, she might opt out.

Unfortunately if a girl dates you, gets physical with you, and then makes a real decision that you are not for her there is very little you can do about it. In this case all the texting in the world will never help you. Furthermore, the more you text and bug her the more she will get grossed out and cement her opinion of opting out. If you feel like you got dumped because in all honestly this girl just wasn’t into you, it may be hard to accept but just accept it. Chasing will do you literally no good. Leave her alone and go off on your own and work on yourself. Give her plenty of space and don’t hold out hope that you will hear from her again. Stop texting and contacting her and let it go. If you do hear from her then it will be a pleasant surprise.

Sometimes fickle girls will cast you back into the single river. If you work on yourself and date other people you might find someone new. A fickle girl might take notice when you finally move on and even get a new awesome girlfriend. If she liked you enough to get jeolous over how you were able to move on from your breakup then you will hear from her. You don’t have to do anything and hopefully by the time she rears a jealous head you’ll be happy in your new situation and unwilling to turn back.

More common reason: Lack of attraction to you

If a girl is not attracted to you at all then there is little hope of being anything other than her friend. Sometimes if you are friends with a girl for years she will fall into a romance with you at some point when she is feeling down. Generally these relationships lack a spark. They can sometimes work however chemistry becomes important over time. A relationship that falls flat romantically may not have the fireworks to continue to ignite over time. This is the type of girl that could really break your heart and mess with your self esteem.

You’ll be in love with her and loyal to her and then some idiot waltzes in and she dates him not you. In this situation it is best to just remain friends and not push it. Instead of pushing it with her and texting her all the time, try to text some other girls that really might be interested in you. Not only will you be happier and your ego do better, she might sit up and take note and see you in a different light other than just, oh he is just a friend.

This is the type of girl to text her as much as she texts you, while meanwhile paying attention to your own dating life since obviously she is not seeing you as a date.

More common reason: She met someone else or she wants to

A girl might blow you off due to a transition situation. For example, you might meet a girl on a summer vacation from school or when traveling. This is the type of girl you can get infatuated with yet when time is up she will be willing to move on and meet other people. She might like you but recognize that there will be other guys to meet when she gets back to real life.

If you get blown off by a girl because your relationship was temporary in place and time due to life circumstances, don’t chase after her that hard. Texting her constantly will just waste a bunch of your mental energy and become annoying to her. Switch your contact over to the social media formats such as face book and an occasional email. This is the type of girl to keep in touch with intermittently over the long haul. Who knows she may not find what she is looking for and you two might reconnect at some later point. I know people that were high school prom dates, separated for decades, and wound up together. They didn’t text each other constantly over the course of time obviously. So, keep in touch but only at a distance she is comfortable with. At least she’ll be an option off into the future.

Depending on why you think the girl blew you off, you can make your decision if and how much to text her or try to contact her. In all situations, if a girl makes it alarmingly clear over time that she does not wish to hear from you then you should respect it and leave her alone completely. You don’t want to be a stalker do you? Once her mind is made up there is no amount of texts that will help your situation and if anything it will hurt you and make her want to ice block you out of her life completely. Hold on loosely instead.


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2 Responses to Will my ex girlfriend ever miss me and contact me again?

  1. Tony says:

    Will my ex girlfriend ever call me again?

    About five months ago my girlfriend moved away to go back to her hometown in Missispi, she was gonna stay here in VA and get a job but that fell through, so she had a job offer in Missispi and left..and thats basically the reason she left because she needed the work and to support her little girl. I was crushed when she told me this but after she had left she kept in contact with me and we remained friends. Obviously she knew i still wanted to be with her but i wasnt sure of her feelings because she never expressed them. Anyways, about 4 weeks ago she called and we talked a bit and after we hung up and later that night i sent her a text telling her that i still had feelings for her and she never responded back to that text. Was this a big mistake on my part of telling her this? Then later that week she called me but i was unable to answer because i was busy at work. Then later that day about 3hrs later i called her back, she didnt answer so i left message..she never called back…since then havent called her but been texting her and asking her how she’s been and she responds. So i dont understand why she hasnt called since?? Its been like 4 weeks since we’ve spoken on the phone. What should i do now?? I dont wanna sound desperate to her because she does live in another state but we never really broke up.

    • admin says:

      Well you did sort of break up by de-facto because she moved or had to move far away. Sounds like you two are just intermittently keeping in touch which shows she cares at least, but if you are now several states away the distance itself puts a damper in the relationship. I would be nice to her yet think about dating in your area seeing as there is no plans or talks for you or her to relocate closer. Her little girl sounds like her priority.

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