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We all know that men love a playful, fun, adventurous woman with a good sense of humor.  But what about when play time is over and it’s time to get serious.  What traits do men adore in women when it is not playtime? 

In this article we’ll go over what men are looking for other than just a good time.  When your play fighting and fun is over, what does he want then?  Keep reading for some of the more serious character traits he’ll also fall in love with.  If you’re in it for the long haul with your man he’ll have to enjoy your company but also he needs to trust you and view you as both capable and loyal.  The key to get him to adore you when it’s time to get down to business is to nurture attractive personality traits.  Some of the important traits that men value are outlined here.

Be willing to express yourself to him

Men don’t like a woman who is all bottled up.  He wants to actually know how you feel.  As long as you can convey what you want to him without drama, he’ll want to hear your truths.  If it bothers you that he goes out drinking with his buddies until the bars close once a week then don’t hide that fact.   Express what you feel but don’t force him to change what he is doing.  If you don’t like it then you don’t like it.  Sometimes telling him what you feel is a smarter move then letting negative feelings develop only to built up the inevitable explosion of those bottled feelings.  Let him know how you feel and you’ll be less likely to  find yourself in an ugly watershed fight with him. 

Don’t just be honest about what displeases you, be honest about what pleases you too.  If you man isen’t doing something right when you are intimate then you need to be open and honest and let him know about it.  Men want to feel like they are getting the truth from you and not some sugar coated lie to make everything seem like it is alright.  If you can communicate your truths and needs nicely he is going to adore your honesty and feminine energy.  If you lie, hide and smooth things over he won’t feel like you are being genuine. 

Men love a woman that they can trust.  They want to know that what is coming out of her mouth is the truth, particularly if she is able to communicate without hostility.  If he texts you and cancels a date don’t pat him on the back and say you don’t mind.  Let him know you’re hurt or disappointed and he’ll try to make that up to you.  It’s better to let him know how you really feel about things.  If you’re able to do that without having fear of what he’ll say or do then he’ll respect you for it.  It’s a skill of letting him you know how you feel without requiring that he do any particular thing.

Demonstrate emotional control

Men often list emotionally stable as a character trait they seek in a woman.  That is to say, they hate women who are drama queens, stressed out, or easily thrown into hysterics.  Hysteria is easily seen on text messages.  The minute you send that 69 message rant to him you’ll be labeled as that crazy or psyco girl.  Don’t rant, rave, or get emotionally out of control on text message. 

Men adore women who do not lose their cool.  They want a woman who has control of her emotions.  She can think about what is being said and done and consider what is happening before responding.  She won’t allow herself to be acting emotionally unstable.  A woman has to be in control of her environment and her emotions.  If you need to get something accomplished you don’t freak out, you take care of it.  Being able to deal so to speak, is a trait that men absolutely adore.  The ability to stay calm, cool and collected demonstrates emotional stability.  Has he said something incendiary?  If you have emotional control you’ll remain calm and address it rather than become irate with him.

If you can’t cope with a car problem or house repair or date cancellation then how would you be when a serious problem arose?  Text message really tells a man alot about a womans stability.  He figures, if she is psycho texting me while I am trying to work here, what is next? He’ll be scare of such a woman and imagine a full blown 51/50 where they take her away in a straight jacket and throw water on her or drug her in order to make her tantrum stop.  Men don’t need the aggravation in their lives.  They adore women who can remain emotionally in control of themselves regardless of what situation they find themselves in.  A woman who stays calm rather than panics reigns supreme.

Be open to change

Men love and adore a woman who can actively change in response to criticism.  If there is a problem in the relationship she isen’t blind with wool over her eyes.  She can recognize her role in things and seek to improve herself.  If he’s indicated to her something as simple as I am busy stop texting me, she needs to be able to respond to that.  If she keeps texting then it is all about her and she is unwilling to change or adapt to meet his needs. 

A woman that can change herself and seeks personal growth is extremely attractive to a man.  She is the one that tries to better herself as time goes on.  She is trying to resolve problems and get her life on track.  She tries to deal with family or financial problems and takes steps needed to improve her life.  Whether it’s her family or her career she is trying to improve herself and become a better person.  Men adore this because she’s a woman that can adapt to situations, better herself and learn new things.  She’s never stuck in a rut or unwilling to try new things.  The more effort she puts into improving her lifestyle and living an active and plentiful life, the more attractive she becomes to him.

Men adore passion

A woman that is always learning is more likely to be passionate about her life.  Even if she doesn’t share all the same interests as him, if she has some passions in life whether they be charity work, dancing, family, cooking or whatever, he will adore that she has her own interests.  If you have at least some separate interests then a man won’t feel like he has to be everything to you and it takes pressure off him.  Men adore women that don’t need them to make their lives happy.  They have interesting lives already.  That’s why they say that when you are doing your own thing and not hunting down a man is when you are most likely to meet one.  Why?  Because you’re passionately doing your own things and men sense that and are attracted to that passion.

Men adore women that can be open and honest, have good control of their emotions, and seek to improve themselves as time goes on.  Developing your own passions, staying calm through life’s ups and downs, and being a woman that can change with the times, are all character traits that men adore.  You have to be adaptable, open to compromise and not permanently set in your ways. 

If you have good control of your emotions then you’ll be able to clue into what your man needs to be happy and not just what it takes for you to be happy.  As it relates to text message, you need to be able to listen to what he says on text and not just text him about what you want all the time.  If you want him to adore you then you’ve got to be able to have a two way conversation with him.


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