Your texting tone of voice

Busy now quit bugging me I’m in the middle of something

Is this text merely annoyance, a friendly wait till later, someone under stress at work, or an indication that this person is truly annoyed with you texting him? It gets the point across (the person is busy) but you really can’t understand the tone that well.  If I were to recieve this text I would think this text could be interpreted as somewhat rude. Yet the person sending it might think that getting texts when they are busy is rude.  So they are just letting the sender know, not now.

Be aware of the tone of your text messages.  You know how you e-mail and what you are saying can be misunderstood because you aren’t talking to the person face to face?  Likewise, many an argument can happen during the course of a phone call.   Same goes for texts.  Had you been talking to the person face to face, you may have stated things differently.

Smiley faces and expressions can convey a little bit of tone.  For example, had this text had a happy face at the end of it, it would have conveyed a totally different tone than it did.  Yet expression symbols to convey mood and tone of text can only take you so far.  In fact, sometimes their cutesey-ness comes off as obnoxious and can also be easily misinterpreted.  The best thing to do is to keep all texts polite in nature.  You have to understand that when you send that text message that it is extremely hard for the receiver to understand the tone of that text. 

What seems to you to be a completely innocuous message explaining you’re busy, can cause the recipient discomfort.  In this case, they might feel hurt and they could either leave it alone until later, respecting the busy signal, or write back something like excuse me you don’t have to be rude just let me know if you’re busy.  If you get into a toxic text argument loop like this one, you’ve just caused irreparable harm.  The sender forever more will feel like they are bugging the reciever, and the reciever has just set a pattern for being rude and annoyed with your interruptions. 

So, the tone of the text is important.  You don’t want to go spiraling off into a fight with your lover over your interpretation of his text tone.  That is why, texts are best left relatively polite.  Try to use politeness in the text to convery the point without hurting the other persons feeling.  If you consistently send polite texts, you are way more likely to be understood and listened to.  If you consistently respond politely to texts, you are way more likely to garner respect from the sender.  You set the tone in either direction.  The more polite you are, the better.



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