You’re on a date gazing into his eyes, while He’s picking your pocket. Night and Day dating

So, you meet a strappingly handsome hunk on the internet he drops you a few emails, has a seemingly legit job and you guys hit it off.  In the dry dessert of no decent men land (particularly if you are a woman over forty) it’s like, wohoo.  And we go, happily swinging and primping into a hot date outfit like a really dumb b-tch lost in internet dating fantasy land where we think we have met the man of our dreams.

Maybe it is the man of your dreams.  Dreams do come true.  Watch the commercials on match literally a fourth of the current dating relationships have started off the internet.  And people are so busy you know it really is a pretty darn good place to meet someone that you never would have encountered in real life.  But I digress, you still, have to be careful.  And that’s why, the articles I am writing exist.  Just to help put in a little bit of a well rounded dating perspective.

The thing is, when two people meet just off the basis of a few messages, a phone call or two talking about your divorce past relationships why they didn’t work out yadda yadda, you know, you really don’t know this individual from squat.  As if its not alien enough to meet this perfect stanger in the flesh and that first uncomfortable meeting.  You don’t know what this persons true dating agenda is or if the agenda is even dating at all.  Just because he is on a dating site doesn’t for sure mean he is dating even.  And no matter what comes out of their mouth during that coffee dinner or drinks get drunk date, you still don’t know their agenda.

So, it’s good to be pretty careful and slow going about people you meet off the internet because to a certain extent its the ultimate one night stand, or one date stand, or however you want to phrase it.

Now, lets say the woman is genuinely looking for a sweet guy.  She has friends, a job, a social life, just no guy.  No love life to fill her passion.  She’s a really good lady and she’s looking for a match.  Now, let’s take a look at the guy.   Who is he?  He might be the same genuine article just lookin for a connection.  I’ve met a few real genuine guys off the internet, really nice ones.  Maybe sparks didn’t fly and I wasn’t interested, they were good guys I’d have to say.

But there are other ones, and you really don’t know what they are doing.  Some women don’t realize that men are more adventurous in the internet dating sphere.  They use the internet dating as a very useful tool for turning on a veritable waterfall of women.  And internet dating is like this strange little stressful exciting adventurous little mystery meeting for them.  Like a puzzle game they want to look at.  And you really don’t know what their agenda is upon meeting this person.

Women get so busy sizing up the men, that they don’t realize they are getting sized up and sized up big time.  Maybe the men size them up and view them as someone worth dating and calling again.  Maybe they view them as a potential one night stand, sleep with text message and promptly dump because they aren’t really their type or up to their percieved dating caliber but um they look good enough to do.  Or maybe, they are sizing up your wealth potential.  I don’t think women realize that men size up their purse, wallet, outfits, cars, percieved wealth and income, and motivations.  Their brains are ticking and computing like male calculaters.  Women do it to men all the time too.  They want successfull men we all know that.

But in this economy tables are really turning.  And while you are innocently staring into his eyes over a cocktail, he might be assessing how fast he can get into your purse when you leave it sitting there to use the restroom.  What if you hook up, or even just go somewhere to make out and kiss for a while.  You do realize that this person has some kind of access to your wallet, your purse your personal belongings.  People are really desperate in this economy.  For all you know, your date is short on rent and if you have a nice innocent makeout session at your place or a lounge before he goes home, he could be picking your pocket real quick while you are powdering your nose.  Sadly, he might even really like you while he is picking your pocket while you are powdering your nose.

The economy stinks.  And people cross boundries.  And people get desperate financially even in the dating frontier.  It might happen on text too.  You meet a great guy, you hit it off.  Weeks later he’s texting you that he’s short on rent and can he please borrow four hundred dollars.  You know what, in this stupid economy, it might actually be true.  You could have a guy that likes you but that still needs your four hundred dollars because hes facing eviction.

The economy sucks.  Desperate times lead to desperate measures.  Dating is like really dating strangers especially when the dates start off on the internet and then turn into a bunch of text messages.  It ain’t that hard to ask for a few hundre bucks in a six word text message.  What do you have to lose.   There’s just alot of sizing up, and alot of really weird factors that make their way into these dates with perfect strangers.  And when you add that up to the economy your going to get people who want to date, but also want to pay their rent the next day.  It’s a tough situation so just take taking dating slowly and get to know a person and realize they are only humans with their own foibles just like you.  Keep an eye your purse too.  Just sayin.

If someone asks you for a quick cash loan via a text message, you should probably say no.  They might be a really good person and all and just hitting hard times, but that’s something they should ask their family for help with, not you, the internet date with an expensive looking purse.   I put this under the category of etiquette because if a date has nerve to ask you for a loan, it shouldn’t be done in a lowly form of a text (though thats likely the lowly format it will come in).  Do feel sorry for the guy like you do the guy at the side of the freeway and all, but Don’t fall for it is my advice.


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