Have you ever felt like you just can’t stop texting or sending e-mails? If so, you may be bordering on a mental illness. If you find yourself texting morning, noon and night, you could be heading for a serious problem.

An article in the American Journal of Psychiatry claims that if you text too much during the day you could have a serious problem. Most texters won’t reach the point of sending 3,000 to 5,000 texts a month. But it never hurts to watch yourself if you feel like texting is consuming too much of your time and energy.

Experts say there are four symptoms of obsessive texting disorder: excessive use, withdrawal, tolerance, and negative perpercussion.

Excessive use can be identified as neglecting day to day activities because you are texting. For example, if you are texting and miss an appointment or something like that, you may have a texting problem.

Withdrawal can be identified if you start to feel really depressed when you can’t text. Let’s say you lose your phone or leave it somewhere. Or in the case of a teenager, your phone gets taken away or texting plan shut off by your parents. If you get really depressed not having access to texting then consider it a red flag.

Tolerance has to do with over texting. One way to check over texting is to look at your phone invoice record. Most carriers let you create an online login where you can see the texts you have recieved and sent. Mutually texting your best friends and buddies who always text back may be ok. But if you have hundreds or thousands of texts each month you may want to look at the behavior. If your whole social life and conversations are all conducted on text you may want to cut back, drastically.

Negative repercussions include social isolation as a consequence of texting. If for example, you over text a friend or lover, you may be headed for a break up or broken heart. Whether its the texting itself that causes the breakup, or that you’ve broken up and now continue to bug that person via sending texts to them, its a problem. If you bother someone on text to the point that they block you or change their phone number because of it, then you have an obsessive texting problem.

So, consider excessive use, withdrawal, tolerance, and negative repurcussions as the telltale signs of text addiction. If you don’t have your phone for a day and flip out over it, or feel like you are going into withdrawal, you are texting too much.

Texting is such a popular way to communicate, without really communicating, that its hard to say whether texting alot is a mental illness. Probably the easiest way to determine texting addiction is to look at the recipient. As long as the recipient want the texts you may be ok. Bottom line, if your texts are pissing people off (either the people who are with you when you are texting or the people you are sending the txt msgs to) then clearly, you have a texting problem.

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