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The widespread use of text-messaging across all ages of cell phone users make you start to wonder what the social and psycological effects of texting are.

There are texters, which are people that prefer texting their friends, and talkers, which are the people that prefer communicating by just talking on the phone.

Texters tend to form a close group of friends who stay in constant communication with them with text messages. Studies show that texters have personalities that are more anxious (socially) and they can spill their true personalities easier via text then actual conversations.

Constantly staying in touch can fill a loneliness void. Texting is cute and fun and all, but a real problem can start to set in when the recipient of your messages is put off or annoyed by all the txts. A general rule is that texting should work like a game of ping pong. If you send a text, you should get a text back.

Texting has become an increasingly comming means by which two people in a relationship communicate. Sending too many text messages can kill a budding relationship and make you appear to be too needy of a person. If you overdo it you can freak a person out and torpedo a relationship before it gets a chance to get off the ground at all.

Furthermore, if your relationship is comprised of mainly contact by text message and then intimate encounters, then you don’t have a relationship. It’s what they call a non exclusuve or casual relationship. Purely physical uncommitted relationships are often conducted by text messages, so its good to be able to recognize if you are in one. If you never talk on the phone or spend time with the person (or go out on dates together) then you are in a text message relationship that is not a real relationship at all.

If your pattern of messages changes or is amiss, it could be a red flag that the relationship status has changed. For example, you used to text, talk on the phone, and date. Lately, all you do is text and hang out at home. Conversely, if you used to text alot and it takes weeks to hear back from someone you texted then your relationship may be on its way out via an intentional fizzle of contact.

Casual electronic notes are now the major way that couples keep in touch. Did you know that texts have surpassed actual phone calls that take place between couples? No wonder why you are tempted to text. It’s addictive.

Too much texting (TMT) can really freak people out and they will feel a certain pressure to respond. If you find that your texts are imbalanced you need to take a step back. More texts going one way than another are a warning sign that something is amiss in your relationship.

If nothing else, you should come away from this web site having a better understanding that text message patterns can actually be an excellent indicator of where your relationship is going. If texts are sent as much as they are returned, its always a good sign. Likewise, a relationship should include texts, dates, spending time together doing things, and phone calls, not just texts and late night get togethers that do not involve a real date.

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