Interest level – does he make time for you

Women (and men do this too) tend to over analyze text message patterns. Chances are, if you think you are getting blown off you are. But some people are a little too over-zealous on the texting so you should not get bent out of shape when the other person is not texting you the same fervent frequency. If you want to see where you stand with a man, you can just sit back and text less, contact him less, and see if he makes an effort to see you. Sure he is busy at school or work, but if his attention falls off the map, it means you just aren’t important enough that he wants to make time for you.

Men communication through actions much more than words. This means if he says he will do anything for you, but in reality is too lazy to drive over to your house for two weeks, focus on what he is doing, not what he is saying. Most women involved in go-nowhere text relationships, are putting a lot of weight into the little texts and meaningless texting patterns, and not enough weight into what the man is actually doing. If he calling you on the phone? Is he making plans with you on a Friday or Saturday night? Is he introducing you to his friends? If not, then you know where you stand by his actions. A man like this may or may not text you, will only initiate infrequently, and will be constantly busy. You also won’t be seeing or hearing from him on your birthday, holidays or Valentine’s day.

Before you start spending mental energy dissecting his text habits, you may want to ask yourself if he is worth pursuing at all. If you are having to do all the pursuing to lure him into seeing you, chances are that you are expending energy on a relationship that will fizzle, but hasn’t yet because you are keeping it afloat. As long as a man is getting a freebie and not being a hassle, he will string a woman along. There is no reason to dump her. Therefore, it is really up to you to decide based on a man’s actions, if he actually likes you.

Men text more often when they first meet you and those texts tend to decrease as they settle back into normal life, so texts will drop off for sure. The question is, has he also dropped off the face of the map right along with the texting? If you are only seeing a man every few weeks and he has a knack for sabotaging things the minute they same to be going well, you will forever be waiting for the shoe to drop. I think women know when a man really likes them, but if they become obsessed with someone who is giving them crumbs of attention, they will put up with a lot less than they deserve, just for the chance to obsess and hookup with him. Watch out this leads to addictive behavior and when you accept poor treatment it is an invitation for your boundaries to be trampled. Chances are that tantalizing candy won’t be worth it in the end. Look to a man’s actions to see how into you he is. Try not to read much into the texts. If he is calling you, making plans with you, making weekend plans to do stuff with you, introducing you to his friends and acting like he likes you with his actions, pay attention to that.

His actions speak louder than words


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